Summer Deen is our AMAZING hygienist.  You will absolutely love her.  Her cleanings are thorough and second to none, but she has a great chair-side presence that makes all her little patients feel safe and relaxed.










Paige Byers is a chest full of treasures and one of our Registered Dental Assistants.She graduated from Tom Bean High School in 2011 and then went to Dental Assisting School at Grayson County College graduating in 2013. She joined our team in 2014.  It is nearly impossible to have a bad day with Paige around.  The care-free joy that she brings to our team along with a skilled set of hands is second to none.  She was made to work with children and connects with them on their level to ease their anxiety and maybe have a few giggles while they are here.  Paige loves spending time with her family and her cat, Kevin and sometimes crafting and photography are just the way to relax and enjoy life.






Thalia Molina is a Registered Dental Assistant and has worked in our practice since 2015. We found a real pearl when we hooked her.  Since her graduation of the Dental Assisting Program from Grayson College in 2012, she has worked in Pediatrics. Her compassion for children and love for her job makes her an extraordinary asset to our practice. Thalia and her husband, Alonso, welcomed their first baby boy, Roberto, in the summer of 2016 and what a cutie he is. In her spare time, her and Alonso love to travel and learn new cultures; however, I’m pretty sure Roberto has taken over much of her spare time with his giggles and charm.  Your little ones are sure to feel at home when Thalia’s on deck.



Brandi Jonse