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1. All children should visit the dentist before age one, and children with special needs may require earlier and more frequent appointments.

_5217476_orig2. Invest in a new toothbrush at least every three months and after every illness to avoid lingering bacteria and germs.

3. Eat plenty of healthy, tooth-friendly snacks such as fruit, vegetables, cheese and yogurt. Avoid starchy and sticky snacks that can cling to teeth and cause decay.

4. Beginning at birth, clean infant gums with a damp cloth or soft toothbrush and warm water after each feeding and check your child’s gums/teeth daily.

5. Avoid spreading harmful bacteria to babies by washing pacifiers in warm soapy water; never “clean” a pacifier or bottle nipple by placing it in your own mouth. And never share utensils with your children, as this introduces your bacteria into their oral environment.

6. Children should use only playground equipment that is surrounded by a soft surface such as loose sand, wood mulch or specialized rubber mats to avoid dangerous dental trauma.

7. Ask your dentist or pediatrician if fluoride toothpaste, varnish, mouth rinses and supplements are recommended for your child.

8. If a permanent tooth is knocked loose due to dental trauma, push it back into the area or place it in milk and go immediately to a dental office.

9. Orthodontic appliances and mouthguards should be cleaned daily using a denture-cleansing bath and rinsed thoroughly before being reinserted into the mouth.

10. Check out products with xylitol as an alternative to sugar-laden sweets! Xylitol benefits include helping keep a neutral PH as well as preventing bacteria from sticking to teeth.

11. And, of course, brush and floss your teeth twice a day and visit your dentist once every six months! For children ages 6 and up, use a fluoride rinse.

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